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Bring your Playstation 4/PS4 into TechStation Glasgow for repair and have our experienced technicians take a look.

TechStation Glasgow provides PlayStation 4 repairs at cheap and competitive prices. And what’s more, the repairs can often be done same day or next working day! We keep all common PS4 parts in stock so we can diagnose your console and get started on your repair right away.

Over the years of us repairing PlayStation consoles we have built up skill, knowledge and experience to repair all common faults with all the PlayStation family

We have listed the most common repairs we repair daily!

PS4 – Hard Drive Errors:

If your PS4 is having hard drive issues E.G. storage issues, error codes. We will be able to repair this for you)

PS4 – Software Errors:

If your PS4 is having software issues E.G. file system error, updating errors. We can sort this out.

PS4 Power Issues:

If your PS4 is having powering issues we can fix this by replacing the power supply for you or by repairing it.

PS4 Disc Read Errors:

If your PlayStation 4 is having issues with not reading your game or Blu-ray discs or is not accepting discs and making a grinding noise. We can repair this by replacing the optical disc drive or by replacing it. (9 out of 10 times we can normally repair the drive then replacing it)

PS4 WI-FI Issues:

If your PlayStation 4 is having issues connecting to your Wi-Fi access E.G weak signal, not finding network, we can repair this for you by replacing the Wi-Fi flex cable.

PS4 Overheating:

If your PS4 keeps overheating this could be an issue with the fan. In most cases the PlayStation 4 needs an internal service, this involves stripping down the console and cleaning out all the dust and fluff the can gathered by the fan, we also replace all the thermal heat pads and thermal paste that is used to keep the console cool.

Can’t see your fault?

If you don’t see the repair your looking for or your not sure what wrong with your PlayStation 4 then give us as call on 0141 959 3888. Our friendly technician will be happy to help.


All of our parts come with a 3 month guarantee as standard. We keep our prices as low as we can to offer the best deals around.

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