Factory Restores

Factory Restores @ TechStation Glasgow

pc laptop factory restore

Laptop or PC Running slow or just won’t load up to Windows?

Over time, your PC accumulates all sorts of junk that can slow it down or even cause problems.

If your laptop won’t boot up to windows properly, or if you just want a clean slate, and take your laptop back to the day you got it, we can do a full factory restore for you.

We can even back up your data and restore it for you!

Bring your Laptop or PC into TechStation Glasgow for repair, and have our experienced technicians take a look.

TechStation Glasgow provide PC & Laptop Repairs at cheap and competitive prices. And what’s more, the repairs can often by the next working day! We have all the software we need to fix any issues, and make sure your PC is running the way it should be!

All of our repairs come with a 3 month guarantee as standard. We keep our prices as low as we can to offer the best deals around.